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Weight Loss Success Stories-Slimming Factor

Hi, My name is xxlindaxx69. My New Years Resolution is to lose weight. To start off, I wanted to share that I have had a weight loss problem for the past 3 years. Since 2005, I weighed 200lbs and I wasn't so happy with my figure, it was hard for me to shop for nice clothing. Also,I had low self-esteem because of my weight. So, my goal after that was to lose 50lbs by New Years Day. I found this great diet pill called Slimming Factor. Ever since, I've been using Slimming Factor I've lost 30lbs in 2 months, now everyone has given me many great compliments from family and friends and even outsiders. My self-esteem has changed from low to high standards. I would love to share this wonderful website.

I would recommend anyone to use this product, Slimming Factor. I started using it on June 10; I started out 188 pounds and now I weigh 127 pounds.
lost like 60 pounds and feel slim and great.Thanks, keep up the good work -Johnny M., Massachusetts.

I did remembered i received my first box of Slimming Factor in July of 2011 from Vicky in this company. My weight at that time was almost 300 pounds; in months my weight was 192 pounds. I did not contact you sooner because I wanted to make sure the weight would stay off!!
Well, the weight did stay off and a lot of people would not even recognize me. My pants size was 42 in the waist and now I wear 34 in the waist. I will fully endorse your product.Thank you, E. Pope, Alabama.

I just wanted to write and tell you how PLEASED I am with your product, Slimming Factor weight loss capsule. In November of 2005 I weighed 345 pounds and my mother introduced me to your slimming factor.
Since November, 2010 I have been taking 12 pills a day and NOTHING else and watching what I eat and exercising and have lost 80 pounds and now weigh 265 pounds.
I have MORE energy now and haven’t felt this GREAT in years! (They say you’re only as old as you feel and I was feeling pretty old at 33.) I was in a size 28/30 and now I’ve dropped to size 18/20. I NEVER would have told anyone that before, but now when my friends and family comment on my weight loss and how healthy I look, I gladly tell them my story and I recommend your product to EVERYONE I can!
Thank you and God Bless, Martha M., Texas.


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What are the differences between slimming factor G1,G2,G3 & G4 ?
Slimming Factor G1:

120 pills each box,4 pills each time(2 pills from each bottle,one bottle is light yellow pills,another bottle with blue pills),3 times per day.1 box is 10 days supply,3 boxes for a course of treatment.slimming factor generation 1 is the oldest version,popular for many years.

Slimming Factor G2: 

60 pills each box, 2 pills each time,3 times per day.1 box is 10 days supply,3 boxes for a course of treatment.some clients don't want to take too many pills each day (as slimming factor g1),so g2 is the concentrated version of g1.inside are all green pills.

Slimming Factor G3: 

60 pills each box, 2 pills each time, twice per day. 1 box is 15 days supply,2 boxes for a course of treatment.light yellow pills inside.

Slimming Factor G4: 

60 pills each box, 1 white pill after breakfast, and 1 green pill after supper. 1 box is 30 days's the speed up version.

Slimming Factor